Chris Holdich, Essex Photographer

Welcome to my online gallery from personal and commissioned assignments
Chris Holdich, wildlife enthusiasts and photographer from Chelmsford Essex.

Please feel free to look through my website, Wildlife is a passion of mine and takes me away from the stress of a working life. My motto is "nature's awesome" because it is. Have you ever sat there and watched an ant carry another ant for meters at a time without stopping for breath or a grass snake effortlessy swim a river. Seen a bird constantly feeding its young without stopping to think about itself. As humans we take everything for granted. I challenge you to stop. Sit for an hour see what you notice and enjoy the peace.

I hope you enjoy my website and if you have any questions please feel free to use the contact page or email

Heres what people have said about my work recently.(October 2020)

I'm always enthralled by Chris' photography. From intimate close up images of wildlife to wide open space, his range of subjects is both varied and appealing. He has a knack of finding views to capture some of which genuinely make the hairs rise on the back of my neck. The clarity of his wildlife pictures is gorgeous, in particular many of the smaller species come alive with vivid colour and intricate detail. some of these I've never seen before and are so pleasing on the eye. Broader spectrums are impressive too, rolling hills blending into the skyline or single structures surrounded by subtle shades of colour that mix into a misty haze. They are so peaceful and serene. I don't think I will ever tire of seeing what Chris can produce.
Jim Birtchnall, Kent

You Create beautiful photographs, really. Interesting compositions, cropping and use of colour. The subject matter is also very appealing it makes me feel like I'm in these places, emotionally connected and all.
Don Lambert (Private message received on social media)

Chris was absolutely amazing and delivered exactly what we asked for , party pictures that were natural and special moments with friends “captured in the moment”, not posed or staged .
Pictures were delivered via a memory stick and in prompt time . We highly recommend him for any event !
Kelly Bridge. 25th wedding anniversary celebration (Boreham Essex)

Thanks for teaching me patience. Since you have been teaching me from March I would like to think I have progressed under your wing (so as to speak) The wildlife is amazing and your guidance on composure rather than just click away at a shot has made my pictures better and enjoyed by many. Im excited to see what you will be teaching me in the winter and the wildlife we will see.
Catherine Greed, Student. Cambridgeshire (message received on Instagram)